As Independent as Montana

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Meet Matt

Matt is a fifth-generation rancher who runs the Birdtail Ranch in Simms, MT. The son of a Miss Rodeo Montana and the grandson of a World War II hero, his life was influenced by both cowboy and soldier values of dedication, hard work, compassion and discipline.

As a kid, Matt grew up raising some of the most top-quality quarter horses in the west and embraced all the responsibilities that came along with it – ranch hand, trainer, rider, and lover of the land. Traveling throughout Montana to compete in 4-H, horse shows and fairs showed him the Montana spirit first hand – pride, respect, and independence.

While he loved the ranch life and the place his family homesteaded before it was even a state, Matt’s intrinsic work ethic, ability to thrive under pressure, and his deep sense of patriotism brought him to West Point. There, he exceeded even his own expectations and was given the opportunity to fly Blackhawk helicopter missions in Iraq and South Korea.

After his active military service, Matt worked to bring attention to humanitarian crises as a photographer before returning to the U.S. to apply his West Point engineering degree in the field of energy at a St. Louis-area company called Dynegy.

But Matt’s heart always beckoned him home to Montana and the ranch. His new experiences and perspective would serve the family operation well as he rebuilds the legendary Birdtail horse band. However, Matt had no idea his return home would spark a new call to serve his country.

As Matt began reconnecting with farmers and ranchers as well as others in the community, he discovered that, despite news coverage of an improving economy, families were struggling to get by and opportunities for good-paying jobs were few, causing Montana’s sons and daughters to leave for work elsewhere. He also found that farms and ranches were suffering under new trade policies, health care was still unaffordable for many families, and access to public lands were being restricted.

While it’s clear that problem is the political games and bickering in Washington, Matt also found that local politicians have been using Montana’s one House seat as a career stepping stool, which was only making matters worse. Matt is a cowboy, not a politician, and he can be trusted to strengthen Montana’s voice in the House.

Matt Rains is as independent as Montana. He’s embracing a new generation of leadership and will fight to ensure Montana will thrive and our families get a fair shot at getting ahead.

as independent as Montana

Matt Rains on a horse Matt Rains with a Montanan
Matt Rains on photoshoot with a monkey in the jungle Matt Rains with a bull on this ranch Matt Rains as a kid with his cowboy hat Matt Rains with his Girlfriend and their dog

Montana's fighter

Democrat Matt Rains is a fifth-generation Montana quarter horse and cattle rancher and West Point graduate who flew Blackhawk helicopter missions in Iraq and South Korea.

Matt is running to fight against the political games that are leaving families behind and to make a difference so all Montanans can get ahead.

Just look at the mess we’ve got in Washington: healthcare is still out of reach for too many people, our ranchers and farmers are being used as poker chips in trade wars, our public lands are at risk, and education and broadband that provide real opportunities for families in rural communities are on the chopping block. Matt is a Montana cowboy – he doesn't back down from a fight. And he’ll make sure we get the job done so that all Montanans are dealt a better hand.

Matt Rains is a fighter and will fight for you like he did in the army

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